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11 Letter Muslim name starting with K

Modern Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting With K

113 Muslim Boy Names Starting With 'K' Found
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Kaami (کامی)Perfect8Boy-E
Kab (کعب)Fame; Honor; High rank5Boy-E
Kabar (کبر)Tomb6Boy-E
Kabeer (کبیر)Indian saint in 1440; A great, famous Sufi saint; Noble6Boy-E
Kabir (کبیر)Indian saint in 1440; A great, famous Sufi saint; Noble5Boy-E
Kadar (کادار)Divine destiny; Powerful8Boy-E
Kadeem (کادیم)Slave to God3Boy-E
Kadeen (کادین)Little battle; Companion22Boy-E
Kader (قادر)Green or green crop connoting freshness and innocence; Powerful3Boy-E
Kadin ()Little battle; Companion3Boy-E
Kafeel (کفیل)Responsible; Surety; Sponsor; Guarantor22Boy-E
Kafil (کافیل)Responsible; Surety; Sponsor; Guarantor3Boy-E
Kafiyah ()Sufficient7Boy-E
Kahal ()One who has dark eye



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