Hindu girls are marrying minor girls to Muslim girls. Seen in 5 states. Reporting with evidence

Love marriages are doing Hindu boys' airs from Muslim girls for up to 13 years of age.
They are all the states in which too much is happening. Minor girls are being driven away.
Bihar ,
  Uttar Pradesh
Is included.

Minor is marrying the girls better.
This is not love jihad what are you
No, you only have mission 2022: Bring Muslim girls as a daughter-in-law of Hindus.
This mission was said by Adyach of the Hindu organization VHP (Vish Hindu Perished). Live television
We will bring Muslim girls, if you can stop then stop. By the way, it will become a Hindu nation.
But no government is doing it.
What do you think about the Muslim role of RSS in performing Muslim conversions? Sure talk


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