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Twitter Testing New Feature, Fake News Spreaders Will Be Identified Easily

Hello friends, Twitter is testing a new feature to stop Fake News & offensive content. After the release of this feature, Cyber authority will be able to easily capture the faked news magazine's original tweeter. So don't do such things. Micro Blogging Site Twitter has decided to stop Fake News & objectionable content on its platform . For this, Twitter is testing a new feature, with the help of easily fictitious news or tweeting the wrong content, the original tweeter can be tracked easily. How it will catch fake tweeted user?After the release of the feature, Cyber Cell & other legal entities will be able to catch people who post fake news and other fake content on Twitter.On Thursday, Twitter told TechCrunch that some Original & Tweeter tags have been rolled out for Android and iOS users for tag testing. Sara Haidar, director of Twitter's Product Management said"The main purpose of Twitter is the conversation between people. For this, some new feature…